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“What no one tells you about raising investment capital” is an interview with me by Terry Corbell, and is posted today in his regular column “The Biz Coach” – Washington’s longest-running business column, since 2001 the Money News page appearing at  KIRO (the TV station and the Web site combination) is the “2009 National Edward R. Murrow Award Winner for Overall Excellence.”   

The interview covers capital strategies (what kind of capital to accept at what time), key issues that matter to investors, and tactics on getting and keeping the investors’ attention, and suggestions on how to present to them.

The KIRO link will be live through 24th August 2009, and is posted at

The interview is archived at the Terry Corbell’s Biz Coach website at this link:

Terry Corbell is Seattle’s Biz Coach.  You can see his numerous articles on relevant topics at