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Welcome Consultants

Hello, and thank you for visiting my site for consultants ~

I care about creating the freedom, wealth and self-expression that successful consulting can bring to my clients.

My challenge is to help you attract and sign the best clients at your highest rates, to gain control over your work and revenue, and to create the wealth & freedom & balance to live the life you choose.

Many of my clients want a transition – to do higher-level work with their expertise, or to re-position to a new market, or to re-enter their former client market after an absence.

Like many events in my life, I came to this specialized consulting by accident – -by my clients choosing a change in their consulting work, and asking me to help. So I have codified the techniques and skills that have supported my life-long consulting career. One client referral triggered the next, the success stories spread, and now this part of my consulting practice is thriving.

I enjoy this work immensely. My work with entrepreneurs in both product and service ventures, and now in consulting practices, has always been focused on my commitment to my clients to guide them to a new freedom to live their most creative and rewarding lives.

If I can be of help to you in maximizing your consulting practice, please contact me.


Welcome Technology CEOs and CTOs

Hello, and thank you for visiting my site ~

I care about emerging technology entrepreneurs and early-stage, risk-taking founders and investors. My challenge is to guide you to success, wealth and the freedom to build the next new thing, again and again.

I am so blessed. I get to do the most challenging work with the best and the brightest of clients who are creating technologies that change the world.

Building technology companies from the ground up for the success of entrepreneurs and their investors has been my challenge and my delight.  I have helped my clients to IPOs, strategic sales, and other creative exits that allow them a new freedom to live their most creative lives.

Some of life’s most important moments are expressed in creating a new technology, a new company, a new team ~ your first or your tenth.

And the wealth that can be gained from the ongoing business, or its exit, offers new opportunities to everyone involved.

If I can be of help to you in your new or next venture, please contact me.


Joey’s Bio – Consultants

Joey Tamer is a well-known consultant to established consultants in optimizing their practices. Her work helps her clients maximize their revenue, position themselves to clients in the C suite, and control their value pricing and scope creep.

She consults to established consultants in all industries, most of them in solo practice. Her work enhances her clients’ growth, deal flow and profitability.

-Moved clients to $474K and $960K/year as solo consultants
-Increased revenues 300% by year 2, 15% in passive income
-Doubled revenues in year 1
-Doubled rates through value pricing (immediate)
-Booked a client’s $50K/single month revenue in year 1
-Repositioned clients upmarket from tactical project work to strategic retainer fees
-Repositioned clients upmarket to C-suite clients.

She speaks and publishes widely on entrepreneurship and consulting. Her published credits include 5 books, 60 published articles, and a weblog with hundreds of blog posts of advice to entrepreneurs and to consultants.

Joey’s Bio – Technology CEOs and CTOs

Joey Tamer is a widely-acclaimed strategic consultant to technology CEOs, U.S. and worldwide, often serving as a “shadow CEO.”

Successes include the sale of an enterprise Internet company for $100M, the IPO of the 1st Internet B2B with $30M to each of the three founders in year 5; and the sale of a 2-owners software company for $50M in year 4, and the sale of a SaaS workflow management company for $110M..

Her Fortune 500 clients retain her to consult to their in-house new business unit initiatives; these have included J.P. Morgan Capital, Sony, IBM, Apple, Hearst, Blockbuster, Technicolor, Harper Collins, Discovery Channel, Time-Warner, Agfa and Scitex.

Her many early stage ventures include Earthweb (IPO 1998) and iSuppli (sold to IHS 2010).

She has worked in the U.S., Europe, China and Qatar.

She speaks and publishes widely on entrepreneurship. Her published credits include 5 books, 60 published articles, and a weblog with hundreds of blog posts of advice to entrepreneurs.


I am available for speaking engagements on entrepreneuring, technology startups, venture capital, capital strategies, pitching for capital, and succeeding as a consultant.  Feel free to contact me.   I will customize the presentation to fit your audience and its needs.

Speaking engagements (selected)

  • Consumer Electronics Show (chaired every year since 2001)
    Venture Funding, Investment & Mergers – Leadership in the Entertainment & Technology Space: Broadband, Social Networks, Mobile and Games
  • Digital Hollywood: Spring & Fall (chaired every year since 2000)
    Venture Funding, Investment & Mergers – Leadership in the Entertainment & Technology Space: Broadband, Social Networks, Mobile and Games; and/or A Primer for Content and Technology Companies Understanding Funding and Strategy
  • Corporate Ambassadors’ program 2009, Doha, Qatar
    • “SMEs: Engines of Economic Growth” the training of 200 entrepreneurs, under the patronage of HE Sheikh Fahad Bin Jassim Bin Mohammad Al Thani – Minister of Business & Trade.
  • Australian Interactive Media Industry Association Conference: AIMIA:  Melbourne, Australia
    • Keynote: The Future of Digital Media
  • Caltech/MIT Enterprise Forum’s 10th Annual Workshop for Entrepreneurs: 
    • Keynote: Building a Business in the Internet Age
  • UCLA
    • Capital Strategies for Entrepreneurs
    • Capital Strategies for Entertainment Entrepreneurs: Creating High Valuations
    • Venture Creation Dinner:  Entrepreneuring
    • Strategies for the Online Entertainment Gold Rush
    • New media for Entertainment Professionals: Content, Convergence, Investments & Deals
    • Intersection: New Media Digital Image Creation and Entertainment
    • Technology and Hollywood
    • E-commerce for Businesses on the Internet: Funding and Valuation
    • E-commerce for Businesses on the Internet: Valuation of the Dot-Com
    • E-Commerce for Business: Long Distance Vision for Dotcom Start-ups
    • New Media for the Entertainment Professional: Dotcoms in Hollywood
  • University of Southern California:
  • Loyola Marymount:
    Marketing for the Modern World: Marketing and Positioning your new Business
  • California Institute for the Arts (Cal Arts) (presented every year 2005 – 2011)
    The Actor as Entrepreneur
  • The Entrepreneurship Institute (TEI)
    Preparing to Raise Investment Capital
  • Women in Technology International Summit
    • Raising Capital & Financing Alternatives for Small Business
    • Driving Revenue through Social Media
    • Surviving in Difficult Times
    • Building Your Own Business: Product or Service or Consulting
    • Capital Strategies for Innovators and Entrepreneurs
    • How to Consult & Make Money
    • Starting & profiting from your own business
  • Professional Business Women of California Conference
    What it takes to Succeed as an Entrepreneur
  • Forum for Women Entrepreneurs Venture Bootcamp
    Pitching for Capital
  • Working Woman Entrepreneurial Excellence Awards:
    Venture Capital

Other conferences on similar topics ~

  • DataQuest
  • Milia (Cannes, France)
  • NAB (National Association of Broadcasters)
  • E3
  • Seybold Seminars
  • SPA (Software Publishers Association)
  • International Publishing Conference/Frankfurt
  • Intermedia & Intermedia Europe
  • Women In Film



"Hey Joey, what can I say, your reputation precedes you and is overpowered by your presence."
F.H., Los Angeles

"Joey Tamer is one of our industry's most respected thinkers and strategists. When she talks, people listen and take notes."
C.A., Los Angeles

"Joey Tamer is a master communicator."
M.L., Los Angeles

"Your pearls of experience...ring true for every business endeavor."
C.H., Los Angeles

"I got a big charge from your speech last night. I felt like a football player who had just been given the halftime pep/strategy talk from the coach. I was now ready to charge out of the tunnel and level the competition. It really was a great speech."
R.K., Los Angeles

"Someone like you comes along and I am able to refocus on the goals. Your positiveness is infectious. Thanks again for the jolt of reality and the uplift."
C.L., Los Angeles

"You did a GREAT job last night separating fact from hype."
T.L., Los Angeles

"Keep up what you're doing because you're making a huge difference in people's lives. You did in mine. Thank you for the knowledge you shared and your words of wisdom."
L.M., Los Angeles

"Your presentation was not only seasoned with on time, exciting real world experiences, but it covered important topics on values, relationships, accountability, leadership. Thank you! You are a Powerful Coach."
E.W., Los Angeles

"I'm so glad there are people out there that know that it's not all about money and acquiring things all the time. I was delighted with your perspective on yin and yang. It made your presentation speak to my soul and not my physical self. I really enjoyed this discussion immensely. I also thank you for your speaking efforts that are infusing the necessity of focus and synergy into my generation."
S.D., Los Angeles

"Your presentation was fascinating."
L.G., Los Angeles

"Your speech was so inspirational."
M.W., Los Angeles

"You are quite a dynamic lady. I can not tell you enough how refreshing it is to listen to empowered women."
L.G., Los Angeles

"Joey, I don't really care if you wowed the students, even though I know you did, you wowed me. Where the hell were you when I graduated from Carnegie in 1965?????!!!!!?????"
C.B., Cal Arts, Los Angeles