strategic consultant to:  

~ serial CEOs & CTOs in software, Internet, technology & digital media
~ experienced consultants in all fields to maximize their practices

As a strategist, dealmaker and negotiator, my work grows your company or consultancy to more wealth, market position, and control.

My work with entrepreneurs and early-stage technology founders is to guide you to success, wealth and the freedom to build the next new thing, again and again.

My work with expert consultants (in all fields) is to help you create the satisfaction, reward, financial freedom and lifestyle you want, for taking the risk to go solo with your expertise.

Sometimes, when my technology clients exit their companies, they become my consulting clients.

Technology clients have included: J.P. Morgan Capital, Sony, IBM, Apple, Hearst, Blockbuster, Technicolor, Harper Collins, Discovery Channel, Time-Warner, Agfa and Scitex, and many early stage ventures such as Earthweb (IPO) and iSuppli (sold to IHS, $100M).

My technology client successes have included:

  • Sale to strategic buyer, $110M
  • Sale to strategic buyer, $100M
  • Sale to strategic buyer, year 4, $50M for husband/wife team (sole owners).
  • Founding partners exit IPO, year 4, with more than $30M each, cash.
  • Raised $2.2M seed capital from strategic deal flow in distribution, no equity out.

My consulting client successes have included:

  • Moved clients to $474K and $960K/year as solo consultants
  • Increased revenues 300% by year 2, 15% in passive income
  • Doubled revenues in year 1
  • Doubled rates through value pricing (immediate)
  • Booked a client’s $50K/single month revenue in year 1
  • Repositioned clients upmarket from tactical project work to strategic retainer fees
  • Repositioned clients upmarket to C-suite clients.