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My client told me an interesting story last week.  He was boarding the plane in New York to come home to Los Angeles, iPad in hand.  He had just spent 2 days in meetings with a new client, clarifying their initial transmedia strategy, so he could continue a long project to build their strategic roadmap for expansion into this world.

He had heard about a new book on strategy that sounded interesting.  Of course, as he settled into his seat, he found the book online and pushed his touchpad and transacted his purchase, and there it was — the book and the information his mind wanted to chew on, just that minute.

Now, I’ve been in technology since the dawn of personal computing, and it is not the instant gratification, ease of transaction or immediate delivery that struck me.  What I felt was the deeper significance offered by all the brilliant technology we have developed — that when our minds or our passions reach for the next new thought, the next idea, the continuation of our most urgent inspiration — we can continue that idea, that inspiration with tools that can literally “come to hand.”  Think what this support can mean to ourselves and the world.

Now, that’s worth the last 30 years of effort!