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I have been so enjoying this summer, and the work and appreciation of my clients, that I wanted to share a personal note with all of you who follow these writings (for which I thank you).

I care about emerging technology entrepreneurs and early-stage, risk-taking founders and investors. My challenge is to guide you to success, wealth and the freedom to build the next new thing, again and again.

I am so blessed.  I get to do the most challenging work with the best and the brightest of clients who are creating disruptive technologies that change the world.   I get to have balance between the professional and the personal.  And I live near the beach in the paradise of Southern California.  How lucky can a girl get?

Building technology companies from the ground up for the success of entrepreneurs and their investors has been my challenge and my delight since the early days of the PC.  I have helped my clients to IPOs, strategic sales, and other creative exits that allowed them a new freedom to live their most creative lives.

Some of life’s most important moments are expressed in creating a new technology, a new company, a new team ~ your first or your tenth. I support my clients to gain these moments.

And the wealth that can be gained from the ongoing business, or its exit, spurs new economies and workforces, and offers new opportunities to everyone involved.

So, to my clients, and those that follow these works, thank you.