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It is holiday time for nearly everyone, the celebration of mid-winter, the passing of the Solstice and the shortest day of the year, and a looking forward to a new Spring in the New Year.

In the spirit of celebration, gatherings of rejoicing to have survived another dark time of the year, and all the religions of the world that have manifest rituals to this moment, let us rest for just a bit, appreciate our families and friends and close communities.

Rest is renewal before the next time of focus and effort. Joyful moments reflecting our blessings, our real blessings, not the hassle of the world, restore the soul. We need this balance, the yin of rest and the yang of action, to live in the world as impeccable persons.

It is a moment to acknowledge the larger spirit of the world around us.

Take a moment. Relax deeply. See the movement of the heavens and your place in it.

Bless yourself and those you love, and take my best wishes for a peaceful and prosperous coming year.

I will be back after the new year has turned, rested and ready.

I’ll be with you then.