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Pitching your results is the best way to close a new client.

We spend a lot of time working on our pitches to gain new clients.  We delineate our services’ features and benefits.  We tell our histories and stories of our mission and our passion.  As we get more sophisticated, we refine our unique value propositions.  We put sizzle in our deck.

But the most effective pitch is the one that speaks directly to the prospect’s interest — “what’s in it for me?”  In truth, your prospects do not care about your story or your passion.  And they don’t even care how you will get their needs accomplished.

All the prospect cares about is:  can you bring your track record of success to meet the required goals?

And the only way to speak to that is to present the results you have achieved in the past, with similar challenges and clients, that will affect the outcome of your proposed work.  This means your success stories, your unique way of approaching problems, your experience in bringing in the results desired.

So pitch those first.