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I was impressed with this guest blog in, “Five New Management Metrics You Need To Know” by James Slavet of Greylock Ventures.

James Slavet introduces some behavioral approaches to knowing if your team or company is getting the most out of its time, its meetings, and its behaviors.  Here is his list:

1.  Flow State Percentage – how much of your team’s time remains “in the flow” without interruption?

2.  Anxiety-Boredom Continuum – how are you balancing your team’s excitement and pushing them to stretch their capabilities (without discouraging them)?

3. Meeting Promoter Score – how often do you check to see if a meeting was productive, necessary, or needing improvement?

4. Compound Weekly Learning Rate –  what are you doing to keep your team constantly learning, and using what they learn?

5. Positive Feedback Ratio – are you checking in on how many positive comments are offered to your people, in relation to how much criticism or aggravation?

It’s a good read: