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I recommend to my clients that they directly address their value and their pricing when speaking with prospects.  This can apply not only to consulting services, but also to products, or any other professional services provided.

Here is how:  In the first conversation about pricing of your services, focus on the value you are offering.  Assume your value, and speak clearly about how you will be partnering with your (new) client over time, to evaluate and re-assess that your pricing is in line with the value being received.

Nothing is more compelling than the quiet confidence that you will deliver value, speak openly about your client’s satisfaction, and check in on that satisfaction on a regular basis.  You might go so far as to reflect this openness in your written agreement (it is part of my standard template).

This frank approach to value pricing reassures your prospect that you will deliver value, that you can be approached openly about deliverables and expectations, and that you must have many satisfied customers if this is your policy.

Try it.