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My colleague Amy Hirsh Robinson, Principal at The Interchange Group, shared this fascinating examination of generational issues in the workplace (her consulting specialty, see link is to the cover story, “Mixing it Up,” in the May 2011 issue of HR Magazine, in a thorough article by Adrienne Fox, wherein Amy is quoted extensively from her history in this work.

I have been a student of these issues for many years, as my own client base currently ranges from 27 to 62, covering three of these generations: Boomers, GenX’s and Millennials.

My first introduction to these concepts was my reading of the 1991 book, Generations, by Strauss & Howe, which I highly recommend, along with their subsequent books (see ).

The Interchange Group is offering a webinar on the May 19th on “Recruiting the Class of 2011.”If you are interested, you may register here:

I am happy to have your thoughts on these compelling issues.