strategic consultant to:  

~ serial CEOs & CTOs in software, Internet, technology & digital media
~ experienced consultants in all fields to maximize their practices

I am developing a new series of short articles defining the characteristics required to maximize a consultant’s success, based on my work optimizing the practices of established, already-successful consultants.  Here is a preview of the articles that will appear on upcoming Fridays, beginning this week.

  1. Expertise – stating your unique value
  2. Confidence – working with your personal power & authority
  3. Patience & Optimism – sustaining your practice through too much & too little work
  4. Back up Capital – having enough to feel safe
  5. Talent to pitch and close — finding and closing prospects when networking, speaking in public, when “working a room.”
  6. Financial calm – maintaining your balance during the ups & downs, the “free fall” of incoming revenue
  7. Public Speaking – honing your ability to speak effectively in public to attract new clients
  8. Writing – in a short succinct style (everything ~ email, deal memos, contracts, articles)
  9. Zen Distance – allowing your client to fail; cutting your losses on a high-maintenance prospect, moving on to substantial and well-paying work
  10. Strong network of referrals – maintaining support from friends, family, colleagues, and prospects
  11. Strong pipeline of prospects – maintaining your potential and repeat clients
  12. Self-starting – the self-discipline to complete your client deliverables, to manage your practice, to balance your life.

I hope you will stay tuned and find these pieces of value.  You will find them also relevant to small service companies, as well as to the consulting services offered by product and SaaS companies.  I welcome your comments and conversation.