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There is always talk about what the electronic world gets to know about our most private behaviors, like what we read or buy or do.  Some say it is an invasion of privacy.   Some say it is an advantage that companies will send us offers for stuff we really want.  But since the launch of the Internet, there have been privacy issues in debate.

Get over it.  It is way too late.  The Internet didn’t invade our privacy.  That began long ago, with electronic money, ATMs, and mass marketing like mail order through paper catalogs.  Credit card companies have done it best – the analytics of our behavior through our purchases on credit cards are thorough to the point of scary.

One of my espionage friends (the one who twice fell out of the sky in his military helicopters and wouldn’t fly) never had credit and always carried a wad of cash next to his .44.  He knew how not to have an identity!

To this point, I link you here to an amazing article I found on Marketplace’s site, compiled with help from Robert Manning, author of Credit Card Nation.  It tells us the 10 purchases not to put on credit cards, so Big Brother will not remove your card for your less-than-stable behavior.  Tires, tickets, toys and taxes – the list is fascinating until you think about it.  Then it is just creepy.

Here it is.  Let me know what you think.