Transition to your next level.  If you are an established consultant with a good income and pipeline, we can work together to ~

  • Increase your revenue and profit margins with savvy value pricing and payment in advance.
  • Create a successful transition to consult upmarket to the C suite or to a new market sector.
  • Attract new clients by using new tactics during public speaking events, and in your publications, website, videos and blogs.
  • Negotiate higher prices and better terms from your clients.
  • Screen your prospects to avoid high-maintenance clients.
  • Achieve the next level of consulting success.
  • Overcome the isolation of your solo practice with a trusted advisor with more than 25 years of successful consulting experience.


Ensure your success from launch through growth to exit in your technology or digital media company~

  • Control your capital strategy, equity ownership and Board of Directors.
  • Create strategic partnerships for revenue (and keep your equity).
  • Assess time to market, launch and adoption, and their true costs.
  • Avoid costly mistakes that reduce your return on investment.
  • Grow your revenue, profits & capital through distribution partners for traditional and SaaS products.