Services – Technology CEOs and CTOs

Capital Strategy: I focus on the capital events that drive a business to success: beginning with the targeted exit strategy and potential exit valuation, what capital is best to accept from what kinds of sources, at what valuation, at what time and benchmark, to create and maintain the valuation at each strategic step. I identify alternative kinds of capital available to reduce corporate budget needs or to retain equity.

Entry, Positioning, and Growth Strategy: I determine what ultimate goals the founders or parent company seek from the venture; what return on investment is planned; what is the validity of the business goals, positioning, revenue models, competitive landscape, distribution channel policy, management talent, valuation and capitalization assumptions; what deal structures can be designed to close strategic partners; what time to market, and time to ROI is realistic; and what strategies drive growth in value and ROI.

Pitch Strategy: I write or refine the written pitch to gain internal or external corporate alliances, budget or capital support. I train the executives in its compelling presentation.

Distribution Strategy: I create new and traditional distribution strategies, online and offline, including channel development (licensing, direct sales, ASP, ISV, VAR, OEM and mass market), new deal structures, contracts and negotiations.

Negotiation Strategy: I support my clients and their attorneys in contract negotiations with investors, acquirers, strategic partners and channel partners on issues of capital and strategic investment, acquisition, technology transfer and licensing, intellectual property, distribution, and international expansion.

Intellectual Property Strategy: I identify opportunities for intellectual property and patents to increase my clients’ asset base, valuation and licensing revenues.

International Strategy: I design strategy and policy for international expansion, online and offline, then structure and negotiate the deals.

New Market Strategy: I design strategy and policy for lateral expansion into new, tangential markets, online and offline, then structure and negotiate the deals.

Due Diligence on Investors and Strategic Partners: I conduct the in-depth due diligence on potential investors and strategic partners before entering negotiations.

Due Diligence for Acquisition: I direct the creation of due diligence books in preparation for acquisition negotiations.

Due Diligence for Investment Funds: I advise investment funds on the risk-profile of their potential investments and acquisitions. I offer an analysis of the target company’s success potential, including any industry-critical factors which might jeopardize the company’s success. The investment fund may choose to retain me to coach the CEOs of selected portfolio companies.

Screening Strategy for Investment Funds: I refine the screening methodologies used by investment funds to choose their potential investments, by integrating my own proprietary tools with their methodologies.

Consulting: I support executives to keep focused on strategic objectives, R.O.I., and exit goals. I will consult in stealth mode, where requested and appropriate.

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