Testimonials – Technology CEOs and CTOs


♦ She has a certain calmness that you wouldn’t normally expect from someone packing so much raw brainpower. Exactly the sort of thing you need when you’re steering the ship of startup.
Formation Solutions, Matt Burgess, CEO

♦ “Joey Tamer was invaluable in helping us develop a strategy and put it into action. She’s both a brilliant strategist and a practical, down-to-earth, get-it-done person. Joey is smart, flexible, quick to understand, a terrific business person, and wonderful to work with.”
HarperCollins Publishers: Janet Wikler, Former Group Vice President and Director of Advanced Media

♦ “Working with Joey over many years, I find her brilliant mind drives clarity to complex situations. She quickly defines priorities both from a market standpoint as well as corporate standpoint. She identifies and navigates the politics of the boardroom. She defines and redefines, positions and repositions markets and strategy with razor sharp accurateness and lightening speed. Well worth more than her weight in gold, (or capital)!
Teradata/NCR: Pamela Sansbury, Vice President, BearingPoint Global Partnership, Strategic Partnerships

♦ “Prior to the acquisition of Blockbuster by Viacom, we were in the process of developing a strategic plan to respond to the emerging alternative forms of distribution for entertainment product. Joey was invaluable in assisting us with this plan by helping us understand the competitive landscape and the alternative strategies available to us.
Blockbuster Entertainment: Mike van der Kieft, Former Director of Business Development and VP Strategic Relations

♦ “Joey’s been the most intrepid and inspirational partner. If we hadn’t found her to help us organize our mission, we’d have been lost.”
Empower Production Management Systems: Keith Addis, CEO

♦ “Joey Tamer played a key role in developing iSuppli’s capital strategy when it really mattered most, at the start. Joey then helped iSuppli implement the strategy and was brilliant in her due diligence.”
iSuppli: Derek Lidow, CEO, Founder (acquired by IHS 2010)

♦ “Joey speaks what she thinks, and isn’t concerned if that loses the client. That makes her a very valuable person to review a business plan. She understands what investors are looking for, and provides valuable insight and direction in shaping up the plan.”
Karagosian MacCalla Partners: Michael Karagosian, President

♦ “Joey helped us structure our Internet ESD business plan via her extensive background in software distribution. She provided us with a framework for making distribution deals that protected us from potential liabilities and reduced our customer support costs. Today we sell and deliver over 500 third-party software products directly online, thanks to her guidance.”
EarthWeb: Nova Spivack, Executive VP, Strategy & Development, Founder (IPO 1998)

♦ “Joey helped us early on as we prepared our capitalization strategy and worked out some kinks in our business model. She made some amazingly accurate predictions on the market and on the state of high tech venture capital. Spooky-accurate! She has a terrific mind for understanding and seeing trends in high tech. High value add.”
SuperSig: Matthew Burgess, Founder

♦ “You were a strategic bootstrap! The time you spent with us was invaluable. You cut right through the noise giving us a clear vision of the future. You forced us to think strategically and you gave us the guidance we needed to work more effectively. One year later the proof is in the pudding. We’ve doubled in size and clients, and a significant part of that growth is due to the initial strategizing with you. You got us focused in the right direction.”
Smash Advertising: Dave Driemeyer, Director of Technology

♦ “As a serial start-up CEO, I’ve come to appreciate Joey’s broad view, unfailing sense of balance and tough brand of fairness. She’s a top-line asset that drives bottom line.”
E-Refer: Mark Lambert, CEO

♦ “Joey Tamer has the uncanny ability to cut through hype, right to the heart of the matter, shedding new light on stale business practices and communicating useful solutions based on her experience in related industries and disciplines. Joey always leaves us charged to implement the solutions that we identify together through her unique style of ‘CEO coaching’ and we consider her among our most important strategic advisors.”
InterActive Agency: Tony Winders, President and Co-Founder

♦ “The extraordinarily talented Joey Tamer came along at a critical time in my family’s publishing business and consulted brilliantly for us.”
Youth Connection: Keith Kohler, SVP

♦ “I am thankful that you taught me so much and even more so, that you helped me find the courage to just go for it.”
Saxon Mills: J. Sibley Law, President, Founder

♦ “I hired Joey Tamer as a consultant to help us with some difficult restructuring of our company and she was amazing. She is a brilliant negotiator and an expert in dealing with people at all levels of the organization. Joey learned our niche offering in the IT consulting business quicker than most consultants I’ve seen, and was able to add value to the organization immediately. She is smart, dedicated and not afraid to deal with tough issues.”
Aspen Software Consultants: Mary Turner, President & CEO

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