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♦ Working with Joey has been like drinking from the proverbial fire hose. I have learned more than I possibly could on my own, and her customized expertise and feedback has been instrumental in (re)building my business from the ground up. I am now firmly on bedrock where once I was on sand (and didn’t even know it).
John Shiple, FreelanceCTO

♦ When I met Joey Tamer I thought she was amazing but I wondered, “I’m a successful businesswoman, do I need an advisor?”  But, while my business was good, I was dissatisfied with the level of success. I just wasn’t earning enough based on my efforts and experience. I felt I could improve.  So, I decided to work with Joey.

As a result, I more than doubled my income in the first year, raised my rates, landed several big contracts, and have a hugely improved quality of life.

What I love about Joey is her ability to get to the essence of any given matter. In no time at all I was revamping my contracts, upgrading the content on my website, and clarifying my value proposition.

Joey takes no prisoners and she also gives you everything she has. I recommend Joey to anyone who knows they can improve their bottom line. She is the best ROI I have ever experienced.
Kathleen Bartle, Corporate Conflict Consultant

I have the fortune and luxury of having Joey as a consultant for my business. Joey has the wisdom to support decision making on business strategy that is grounded by her rich life experience, as well as her uncanny ability to grasp her client’s needs and wishes to help navigate the ship.

With Joey’s support my business flourished and my personal goals were met in the process. A truly remarkable person.
Oded Noy, Chief Technologist

♦ Joey helped me to reposition and build my business with efficiency, grace and integrity. Her expertise and support allowed me to achieve both my business and personal goals while staying authentic to my voice and values. I respect Joey tremendously. She has a gift for bringing out the best work in others.
Amy Hirsh Robinson, CEO, The Interchange Group

♦ Joey is a powerful asset and strategic advisor to me. She helps me think strategically and objectively in scaling my business and achieving my goals.  She is easy to work with, personable and warm. I have urged many of my colleagues to seek her counsel.
Mike Moss, CEO, BlueDeer

♦ Joey Tamer has provided invaluable support as I launched my consulting business after decades of executive management experience. Her secret sauce, besides being insanely smart, is a unique blend of the hard-headed and the visionary — all of it rooted in deep experience with clients large and small.
Nick DeMartino, Nick DeMartino Consulting

♦ Thank you, thank you, thank you for the copy of your draft agreement. I’m just preparing a version of the draft for my client. This has to be the best consultant’s agreement I’ve seen!
Michael Karagosian, CEO, MKPE Consulting

♦ “Thanks to your advice I made more money last month than ever in one month. Next month I will be signing contracts with 8 multi-nationals in Europe!”
Nathan Hansen, The Socializers

♦ “Joey has proved to be an invaluable resource to the well being of my business. More than simply delineating the mechanics of better business, Joey has helped me change the way I perceive my business. Consequently, we are more efficient in our planning and are now focused on a strategy that has already yielded remarkable results.”
Craig Shimahara, CEO:  Shimahara Illustration

♦ “I found it intriguing that you function as a consultant to consultants. I have been very impressed how quickly you assimilated all of the information I provided and focused in on the core issues… Thanks to your guidance, I finalized the strategy and successfully presented my position. It has been a pleasure working with you, and I’m pleased to recommend you to other professionals.”
Don Matso, Founder:  The Valere Group

♦ “Joey is a strategist’s strategist — she consults to me as I prepare my strategic planning work for my clients. She creates a kind of primary strategy — even after my strategy work is in process, and after my clients believe they have covered all the bases. She critiques my strategic plans in draft form, the way an editor critiques a manuscript: asking the topline questions the client has overlooked, challenging the client’s unexpressed or untested assumptions, applying the market realities and real-world timelines which may alter implementation and sales projections, questioning the underlying goals of the project within a larger company, or the exit strategies of the smaller company. And she does it all swiftly and precisely, and I get high marks and ongoing work for bringing this level of strategic questioning to my client in my plan. She coaches me on all my strategic planning projects.”
Jessie Robertson, CEO, Founder:  Robertson & Associates

♦ “Thanks again for a fantastic call last night. I’m still buzzing from it. You are the REAL DEAL, and just what the Universe has ordered for me.”
Lise Hamilton, Attorney, Dealmaker in Offshore Contracting


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