International work: China

I created $2.2.M (U.S.) in seed capital from pure deal-flow, with no equity leaving the company, then raised an additional $3.5M for a Shanghai company to distribute educational software from worldwide vendors throughout China.

During 1995 to 1997, I consulted virtually full-time to a leading Chinese/U.S. joint venture re-publisher/distributor of educational and entertainment software, endorsed and supported by the highest levels of the Chinese government.

As the consultant to the CEO of the U.S. company, and advisor to the joint-venture Board of Directors, I established policy and strategies to build the software distribution channels, which were undeveloped in China. I seeded the initial capitalization of the company by creating $2.2 million in deal flow, in the form of advances from U.S. and worldwide publishers for the localization of titles and for their market entry into China. I established the deal structure between the publishers and the joint venture, negotiated the agreements, selected the publishers and the products, and sent the products into the joint venture for localization, republishing and distribution.

I brought on board a team of leading U.S. software executives in sales, marketing, purchasing/operations, and replication to implement policy and strategy and to empower the Chinese joint venture, which worked closely with the leading ministries throughout greater China.

On the China side, I designed the policies and strategies to create the channels to distribute the first high production value, fully-localized, government-authorized software titles throughout the retail computer and bookstore channels and the OEM channels in greater China. The joint venture initiated operations in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore as well.

Having created the seed capital through deal flow, I then brought forward the oldest British investment bank in Hong Kong as an investor. Once the capital was received, the Chairman of the joint venture assumed full operational control of the business, while I continued to advise on policy and strategy to the operations team based in China and Hong Kong.