How to Bridge the Differences Between Business and Technology by John Shiple

John Shiple‘s short video, “How to Bridge the Differences Between Business and Technology,” offers key tactics for both CEOs and CTOs that support optimum communication and functioning between the business and technology sides of any company.

Also, see John live at CrossCampus in Santa Monica, next week Tuesday, January 22nd, 7:00 – 9:00 p.m., as he presents “Turbo-Charging your CTO,” described as a “comprehensive overview of strategies and tactics for assessing the performance and the long-term viability of your technology leadership… and… how to protect your company in the event that this precious resource gets run over by a truck (or worse!).”  Not to be missed by technology leaders.

My friend and colleague, John Shiple of FreelanceCTO, is a leading consultant, offering his services as a chief technology advisor to funded, early-stage and larger, scaling technology ventures. He has produced a series of short videos covering some of his expertise that he offers to technology CEOs.

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