Welcome, Consultants ~

Hello, and thank you for visiting my site for consultants ~

I care about creating the freedom, wealth and self-expression that successful consulting can bring to my clients.

My challenge is to help you attract and sign the best clients at your highest rates, to gain control over your work and revenue, and to create the wealth & freedom & balance to live the life you choose.

Many of my clients want a transition – to do higher-level work with their expertise, or to re-position to a new market, or to re-enter their former client market after an absence.

Like many events in my life, I came to this specialized consulting by accident – -by my clients choosing a change in their consulting work, and asking me to help. So I have codified the techniques and skills that have supported my life-long consulting career. One client referral triggered the next, the success stories spread, and now this part of my consulting practice is thriving.

I enjoy this work immensely. My work with entrepreneurs in both product and service ventures, and now in consulting practices, has always been focused on my commitment to my clients to guide them to a new freedom to live their most creative and rewarding lives.

If I can be of help to you in maximizing your consulting practice, please contact me.