Joey’s bio – Consultants

Joey Tamer
Joey Tamer ( is a well-known consultant to established consultants in optimizing their practices. Her work helps her clients maximize their revenue, optimize their positioning to the C suite, and control their value pricing and scope creep.
She consults to established consultants in all industries, many of them in solo practice. Her work enhances her clients’ growth, deal flow and profitability.

Successes include

  • doubling and trebling her clients’ revenues
  • re-positioning them to work with the C suite or to higher-level strategic work
  • creating and controlling value pricing for their services
  • getting paid in advance, and
  • creating passive revenue streams.

She speaks and publishes widely on entrepreneurship and consulting. Her published credits include 5 books, 60 published articles, and a weblog with hundreds of blog posts of advice to entrepreneurs and to consultants.

Her website is and she can be reached here.